Hey, I'm Karl. 👋
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Entrepreneurial guy working with product developement, design and low/no-code. Building small tools and big ideas. Currently working as a Product Engineer at Heimstaden.

Personal projects


Skriblery – Norwegian AI content assistant

Create content efficiently with Skriblery. With AI trained on Norwegian content and language, this app helps you generate Articles, SEO optimized articles and social media posts for the norwegian audience in no time. Uses GPT-3 with prompt engineering training and formatting with the help from Bubble. Scrapped due to Microsoft and Notion entering the space.


Velup – Quiz app for Training & Development

Make boring digital modules more fun and competetive. Create your own quizzes and distribute to employees for them to complete whenever they have time. Progress is saved along the way, so play a minute here and a minute there. Scrapped due to lack of market need. Good learning though.


PrettySign – No need for ugly Digital Signage

PrettySign is a simple way to create, manage and distribute content to Digital Signage Screens. PrettySign features responsive content and customizable templates to make things pretty, and fast. Connect your favorite feeds such as Yr.no, NRK, Finn.no and more. Distribution and product delivery is a challenge.


Heythanks! – Get customer testimonials

Fast and easy way to collect testimonials from your customers. Generate a link and share. Embed and display testimonials on your website with a widget. Quick and fun little project.

Business Developer
Product Engineer
No-Code / Low Code
Digital Marketer

Whatever I call myself now is a result of many obsessions over the years. What started with a super-legitimate version of Macromedia Flash led me down a rabbit hole of digital creation tools, web and design. 

My approach to almost any task is design-centric, technology-driven and with just a dash of entrepreneurial spirit. The current obsession is No-Code, and I love tinkering with creating apps and tools.

From time to time you can see me wandering around with a camera. Nowadays, mostly for joy – not for work.


User Experience

Planning & Strategy

Information Architecture


Customer Journey Mapping

High Fidelity Wireframes

Business Development

Customer Journey Mapping

Growth Hacking

Brand Positioning

Project Management

Product Management

Digital Marketing

Growth hacking

Marketing Funnel

Inbound Marketing


Content Production

Marketing Automation


Website Development

No-Code App development

Shopify e-Commerce

This website is a work in progress. Still working on adding content.